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Here we are hiking with baby Yuna shortly after we implemented our Audience FIRE system. Less work time = more family time!
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From The Desk Of Dave & Lucy Smith
Vancouver, BC, Canada
If you feel like you're caught on a hamster wheel, running all day to hunt down the hottest leads and turn them into paying clients for your online business, we can relate.

In fact, we were running so fast as we built our last multi-million dollar online coaching business, that we almost burnt out

But then our baby girl arrived and we knew we had to make some changes QUICKLY! (Babies require a lot of attention 😉) 

No longer could we spend all day on Facebook prospecting the old-fashioned way: Manually finding leads, sending messages, replying to comments... 

We needed an automated system to tackle all of the tedious work. So that's when we built YunaPRO, our proprietary software, to do the heavy lifting for us.

And the result?

The lead generation that was once a full-time job now happened like magic without us lifting a finger or spending a dime on ads

While we sat back to watch, our audience literally exploded with new leads and our online business was flooded with paying clients.

And now, we're excited to share our Automated Marketing System, including our YunaPRO software with you in Audience FIRE. It's time to get your online business off that hamster wheel!
See What Other Online Entrepreneurs Are So Excited About:
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Our Automated Marketing System For Facebook Is Saving TimeEarning Money For Other Online Entrepreneurs Just Like You
"Guys YunaPRO is going to change the game for coaches who have it!"
Owner of Coaching Ignited
"For my last event I didn’t spend on FB Ads since I wanted to try out YunaPRO. It was so easy to use and not only provided me with high quality leads, but I was able to provide a much higher quality event to my participants which created a higher conversion rate. I made $5k in a week!!! 
The right leads + high-touch online interaction = high conversion rate "
Online Marketing Coach
"I'm loving the software. I was a little worried about keeping my account safe but haven't had any issues. Ready to get the content machine, group growth, and appointments cranking!"
Owner of High-Ticket With HighLevel
"Signed up 7 new clients in the last 7 days. Booked 5 calls last week from new audience members brought in organically using YunaPRO. The quality of conversations is so much higher. No more chasing dead leads... just sending offers to those that raise their hands!"
Owner of The Fitmompreneur
"Ive had multiple setter calls daily the past few days and closed another client yesterday. And the YunaPRO system gives me lots of confidence that there will be many more perfect leads coming into my funnel."
Online Health & Fitness Coach
"I've officially grown my group from 330 to 430 in less than a month! In the past I remembering spending over $1,000 on ads to grow my group the same number in the same timeframe."
Owner of Money Power Freedom
I am loving YunaPRO. It's making my life and stress so much better! Thank you so much for creating this awesome program!"
Owner of Fit Southern Mamas
"Loving the process and automation systems. I really love the way you and Lucy have your audience running towards you, that's my goal and YunaPRO is helping a lot."
Online Fitness Coach
"After adding all the automation, people are now finding my Facebook group and asking to join. SO AMAZING!! Thank you Dave & Lucy for creating such a seamless process that's helping so many businesses grow at an exponential pace!"
Online Fitness & Lifestyle Coach
"I've never been any good at multi-tasking but YunaPRO is a GAME CHANGER."
Owner of Dads In Great Shape
Will this work for my business?
Our Audience FIRE Automated Marketing System Is NOT The Right Fit For Every Business...
The automated lead-generation system and YunaPRO software you'll discover inside Audience FIRE will absolutely EXPLODE your online business with clients ONLY if you can honestly check off all 5 of the boxes below:
  • I Already Have An Online Service, Program Or Course To Sell
  • My Ideal Clients Are On Facebook
  • I Can Take On At Least A Few More Paying Clients Right Now (Or In The Near Future)
  • ​I Can Find 28 Minutes Per Day To Follow A Proven Marketing Plan (Or I Can Outsource The Tasks)
  • ​I Am Willing To Try New Strategies, Even If They Seem Completely OPPOSITE From What I've Been Taught in The Past
let's break it all down
It's Time To Make A Decision, So Let's Unpack Everything You're Going To Get Inside Audience FIRE...
It took us over a year to earn our first "2 Comma Club" award (for selling $1 million online). Using our Automated Marketing System, we earned our next award in less than 2 months. This system works!
And side note: Yes, the YunaPRO software is named after our daughter, Yuna. After all, she was the reason we built it in the first place 😊


We've invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars building an Automated Marketing System that generates paying clients like nothing you've seen before. Now we're going to share it with you over the next 12 months...

- Follow our step-by-step plan to compress hours of manual work into 28 powerful minutes per day (which can easily be outsourced if you want to be completely hands-free)

- Over the course of 12 months, let us help you implement each step of the system so that you're never guessing as to what you should do next. We aren't satisfied until your lead-generation machine is running on autopilot.

- You're going to get the exact strategies we used to earn over $2 Million from Facebook last year. Begin implementing these in your online business immediately!


YunaPRO is our proprietary software that acts as the engine powering our Automated Marketing System. It begins by growing a loyal audience for you...

- Flood your audience with dozens of targeted leads each day so that you're never wonder where your next sale will come from. 

- See how we're getting 600 leads per month with ZERO advertising budget. And steal our system for converting those leads to paying clients!

- Grow your Facebook group (again, without paid ads, funnels or VAs) so that you can turn leads into paying clients even faster.

- Get the exact system we're using to fill our Facebook group with 100-200 new leads every week... and all for FREE!


A big audience is only valuable if it's an engaged audience. YunaPRO's powerful engagement automation ensures your new fans NEVER sit silently on the sidelines...

- Heat up your Facebook algorithm so that your future clients see your content. Quickly build rapport and trust.

- Follow our exact content engagement strategy that gets 200, 300, even 500 or more engagements on every post we make

- Engage on your leads' content (automatically, of course!) so that they feel supported and will choose to engage on your content in return

- Remove inactive leads from your audience so that your Facebook algorithm heats up day after day

- Automatically tag leads on content that will help move them closer to becoming your paying client


As momentum builds within your audience, it's time to let our YunaPRO software pull out the hottest prospects who are looking for help and are ready to buy immediately...

- Reach out to leads with personalized messages so that they feel attended to and become more likely to ask for your help

- Use our message script that never gets ghosted, but instead has leads chasing us for attention

- Magically build segmented lists so that you can broadcast messages to prospects who have shown interest in specific content - strike while the iron is hot!

- Automatically follow-up with your nurtured leads so that they never fall through the cracks before they become your paying clients


For a full year you will be surrounded by other amazing entrepreneurs in our private Facebook community where you will have all the support you need to succeed... 

- Learn the content strategies and selling practices other online business owners are using to grow their online businesses faster and easier than ever before

- Stay ahead of the curve by gaining first access to the latest automation tactics introduced inside the YunaPRO software

Got questions?
Here Are Some Common Questions Business Owners Ask Before Joining Our Audience FIRE Automated Marketing System...

 How much time will I need to devote to this process each day? 

The entire goal of Audience FIRE is to SAVE you TONS of time, not eat up more of your time. That said, you will need about an hour per day for the first few days to get your systems set up. Then the automation kicks in and you'll be saving loads of time!

 How long will I get access to the YunaPRO software? 

When you join Audience FIRE you will gain access to the YunaPRO software for an entire year (regularly priced at $2,364). If you would like to use YunaPRO beyond one year, you're in luck! You'll be grandfathered in at the price you paid when you joined Audience FIRE.

 Do I have to pay for any other tools, software, advertising, etc? 

No. When you join Audience FIRE you will get an annual subscription to our YunaPRO software which is all you need in order to grow a hugely engaged audience full of leads for your business. 

 Is Facebook automation safe? I don't want my account to get shut down! 

Yes. Before we had the YunaPRO software, we did all of our Facebook marketing by hand. Now, we still take the exact same marketing steps, but we allow the YunaPRO software to do it for us. Nothing has changed from Facebook's perspective, which is why the type of automation we're using is just as safe as doing the work manually.

 How tech-savvy do I need to be in order to keep up with the program? 

We designed the YunaPRO software to be dead simple for any online business owner to use. If you can click a button, you can implement our automation systems! Plus, you will have a full year of access to our private support community where you can get any help you need.

 Is YunaPRO a Chrome Extension? 

No, Chrome extensions rely on your data being transferred through a browser and third-party servers, which makes your data and the data of your clients insecure. This is not a risk we want you to take. 

Instead, YunaPRO is a software that you download onto your computer. This keeps all of your data, and your client's data, safely stored on your own computer. Client privacy and security was a top priority when we designed the software. 

 Can I use YunaPRO with my Facebook business page? 

There are 2 reasons why organic marketing doesn't work well using Facebook business pages: First, business pages get very little "reach" these days, meaning few of your fans will actually see your content unless you use paid ads. 

Second, you cannot initiate Messenger conversations using a business page, so you will not be able to reach out to people who do engage with your content.

For these two reasons, we built YunaPRO to work with your personal Facebook profile. It's much more effective!

 What sort of results can I realistically expect for my business? 

Our job is to give you the exact marketing system to follow and the YunaPRO software needed to: 1) Grow your list of leads rapidly and automatically and 2) Convert those leads into paying clients for your online business.

We're so confident that you'll be thrilled with the results you get that we offer an unbeatable guarantee - Check it out in the next section below on this page.

 I'm not sure what I should be selling - Will you help me figure it out? 

A requirement of Audience FIRE is that you have an online service, program or course that's ready to sell. Our goal is to help speed up your marketing so that you can acquire clients faster. We do not help you create your offer from scratch.

 How can I get help or ask more questions about this program? 

If you have questions about Audience FIRE that are not answered on this page, email us. We're happy help!
Join Us With Confidence Knowing That You Are 100% Protected By Our  Audience Growth Guarantee 
Your time and money are valuable. So, we want you to be able to invest with us in absolute certainty that your time and money are being well spent. 

At any time during your first 30 days of working with us in Audience FIRE, if you decide that your audience isn't filling with hot leads and your online business isn't growing as fast as you'd hoped, we'll instantly refund 100% of your enrollment fee. 

PLUS, as our way of thanking you for trusting us in the first place, all of the Audience FIRE training and resources are yours to keep at no charge. We value your business, but even more so our relationship with you!
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